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I come with a message for humanity. What exciting times lay ahead. So many are beginning to awaken and feel the downloads that have been streaming to earth. With these downloads of light comes a clearing. There must be room within the body to accommodate this life changing energy. The only way for this to happen of for people to clear out the things that no longer serve them. Those just now starting on this path will be shown areas of their lives that need to be changed, dismantled, and discarded. This is not an easy process as you know. Much love and compassion needs to be sent to the collective as they play out the dramas in their life. Things are coming to a head personally, politically, and environmentally.

We urge you not to get caught up in the dramas, instead understand that everything is working out perfectly and contracts have been rewritten to ensure that everyone's highest good is being done. What many seem a disaster on the outside can really be the catalyst for great change on many levels. The souls agreeing to be part of this drama unfolding need to be thanked for their contribution. Know that every soul is playing their part to help humanity ascend as a whole. When you look at life as good verses evil, you miss the beauty that even unfortunate events can bring. Understand that nothing is happening to anyone that has not already been agreed upon.

Many sensitives are feeling negativity around them. It makes them agitated, cranky, and often angry. if you are feeling this, what are your thoughts? What issues seem to surface? While the feelings are negative the result is positive if you choose to learn and heal. Take a step back and see what fears, angers, resentments, shame or guilt are being brought up. These are areas within that need to be healed and cleared. This clearing must take place to ensure that the light has a place to be within. The light is illuminating the deep, dark corners of your psyche. The light does not chase the darkness away, yet loosens it so that it can be dealt with and released for transmutation. Many sensitives have been tasked with releasing not only their own things to be healed, but are also transmuting energies from the collective.

We recommend that when you feel overwhelmed by emotions, that you open your crown chakra, ask for the violet flame to fill you. Visualize it going into every area of the body, especially areas of discomfort. See the flame dissolving all negativity and dark spots within the body.
Command "With this violet flame I clear and transmute all energies that are not in my highest good. I release them to be transmuted back to love, the source of all things."
While many of you many be struggling with the energies and the effects on the body, we urge you to find mental joy. What can you focus on that beings you happiness and diverts your attentions from uncomfortable feelings? We  urge each of you to get outside in nature. The elementals are able to assimilate the incoming light easily and can help you do the same. Every being on earth at the time is working towards the goal of ascension. Ask for help. Ask the flower to share its essence to ease your body. Ask the birds to sing in tones that brings your body back into resonance. You are not alone on this journey. You are surrounded by help in all dimensions. It is up to you to ask for it and be open to receiving it.

We are proud of your accomplishments and how far humanity has come in such a short time. Be kind and considerate of others as they may just be beginning this journey and beginning to clear that which no longer serves. What may look like chaos and a worsening of the human condition is actually a playing out of timelines & possibilities. The urging to change can come in whispers or as a loud knocking for those who choose not to listen. Be grateful for the ones willing to provide the lessons and help you bring up and release all obstacles you've created within.

In closing, be gentle with yourself and others. Do your best to stay in your heart space and out of negativity and fear. This is Stephen from the White Brotherhood.

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