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EVENT On Earth
If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 


or Read it here :

Pleiadian Technologies
As we are slowly approaching the long prophesized Golden Age, the Pleiadians have asked our core group team at Phoenix Group to start distributing their healing technologies to humanity. For this reason we have gathered the best Pleiadian technologies currently available on the planet and offered them through this website. We are in cooperation with Pyradyne, Dr. Fred Bell's company for advanced Pleiadian technologies. He himself was a Pleiadian contactee and has received the design for the Nuclear Receptor directly from Semjase, a wise Pleiadian woman. We are also in contact with an European inventor of Tachyon technology that he has received directly from the Pleiadians. We are actively searching for large scale distributors of our technologies. If interested, you can contact us directly at Phoenix Group email address for more information. In the future, when the time is right and it is safe to do so for everyone involved, we are also planning to offer free energy devices through this website.

Pleiadian TechnologiesTachyon ProductsGalactic Merkaba ActivatorQuantum Fluctuation ResonatorPyradyne 
Pleiadian Receptor

Tachyon Healing Chamber 
Mandala Sphere Laser System

 The Dragon Gate is a sister underground organization parallel to the White 

Rothschilds, assisted by the Triads,  overthrew the Qing dynasty of China inXinhai 

revolution in 1912, both groups had to go underground and they began opposing the 

Cabal from behind the scenes and then their paths began to diverge. The White 

Dragon Society (as some people in the West call it now)  focused more on political, 

military and financial opposition to the Cabal:

At the same time, the Dragon Gate began to focus more on the development of the 

advanced technologies and spiritual liberation process from the grip of the etheric 

Archons. Both groups are cooperating behind the scenes to assist in the liberation of 

the planet and their methods are complementary. 
There is a new advanced healing technology which has been released by the Dragon 

Gate: the Mandala SphereLaser System. Now the Dragon Gate has contacted our 

Phoenix Group, which is oursmall highly skilled teamdedicated to bringing advanced 

healing technologies to humanity, to help spreading this technology among people.  

The Mandala Sphere Laser System emits white laser, forming sacred geometric 

patterns of coherent light, through the geometric structure of pure tachionized crystal 

spheres, producing a uniquely resonating field of light. White laser delivers the ideal 

color spectrum to obtain the optimum resonance of each crystal.This sacred 

geometric mandala field delivers informational resonances, received through the 

human energetic and informational fields (aura), producing substantial mental, 

emotional and  physical benefits. Included with the Mandala Sphere is a fiber optic 

crystal wand for local physical application to the energetic and informational delivery 

points of the body and a set of programmable crystals for remote and portable 

application, as well as a photoporation capsule.

The Mandala Sphere also includes a mandala computer library with a wide selection

of wave forming mandalaspromoting protection, prosperity, success, energizing, 

happiness, clearing, healing, implant removal, DNA activation, emotional state 

altering, positive influence on outcomes, clarity of purpose, and relationship 

One of the most amazing properties of this laser technology is that it is the most 

powerful tool on the planet which assists us in removing the etheric implants. This is 

the closest technology to the Pleiadian light chamber as we can get on the surface of 

this planet.

 You can read more about this technology and order it here:
Another interesting new technology, the Galactic Merkaba Activator (similar to the 

former Pleiadian Merkaba  Activator), is available here:
And Tachyon technologies here:
There are many developments behind the scenes regarding bringing free energy 

technology to the masses and if all goes well, I will be able to report about it soon.

Victory of the Light is near!

Tachyon  Products
Tachyon products presented here were developed by New Energy Tachyon, a research and development comany based in Europe. Currently they focus on researching the effect of influence of exotic forms of matter such as non-ionized plasma, gluonic dark matter and neutrino dark matter on tachyon field. They also do research of behavior of tachyon field at extremely low temperatures, for example in liquid nitrogen. In suborbital and orbital space around Earth they study the effect of cosmic rays upon the tachyon field. The company is cooperating with leading companies from the civilian space research initiative, such as Bigelow Aerospace and UP Aerospace. They were present at the first commercial suborbital test flight for small companies thanks to their cooperation with ZG Aerospace LLC. They are participating in the Fly your stuff program of Bigelow Aerospace aboard their Genesis II orbital spacecraft.
What are Tachyons? 
Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light.
Tachionization is a technological process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on subatomic level.
Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it reverses the aging process and strengthens the immune system.

Is the tachionization permanent or will the effects dilute after time? 
This process is permanent and irreversible. It is not possible to remove tachyons by exposing them to heat, magnetic field or any type of chemical reaction.

Is the tachionization process safe?
This process is completely safe. It does not change chemical composition of matter and it does not create any type of electromagnetic field nor any type of radioactivity
Why are tachyon products a good choice among wellness products?
Tachyon products are among the most effective means to improve our quality of life, removing physical causes of many diseases and imbalances in our bodies. Tachyon products cannot be misused and go well along with other wellness products. Since tachyons equally influence our physical body and our higher energy bodies, they improve our well-being and accelerate our spiritual growth dramatically.
Are there any side effects of tachyon products?
It is good to know that they trigger a purification and detoxification process that lasts uo to a few weeks and can have some mild side effects, such as headaches, sleeplessness,...This is just a sign that toxins are rapidly leaving your body which is in fact getting healthier! It is good to drink plenty of water during that time.


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Weekly Liberation Meditations Phase 2

 The planetary situation on the non-physical planes has improved to the point where we can begin with the second phase of our weekly liberation meditations. For more information about click on the link :

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