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Right as I wanted to post this article, whole Gmail 

service (including Blogger) went down and I could not 

access it. Many users across the world have reported 

disruption of service:

This shows us how fragile our internet infrastructure

Big changes are afoot.

Although it will not happen just yet, as certain

 operations of the Light forces need to be completed

 first, the worldwide financial Reset and the Event are 

The Eastern Alliance is preparing to foreclose on the 

Federal Reserve:
And to introduce Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to

 form the backbone of the new financial system, which 

will be underwritten by gold:
SDR can now be exchanged for US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Japanese Yen:
Chinese Yuan and Swiss Franc will be added to this

 basket of currencies at the Reset. 
Finally, Cabal's gold price manipulation is being 

revealed to the masses:
This is very important because when the critical mass

 of this awareness reaches human population

, Cabal's 

fiat financial system will collapse due to lack of trust 

as a fiat financial system can only operate if a certain

 degree of trust in its checks and balances is

This situation is also getting a little uncomfortable for

 Deutsche Bank, one of the main strongholds of the

 Cabal's financial system. To hide from spotlight, they

 have announced they will withdraw from gold price

 fixing, the same as the Rothschilds did in 2004:
They will now attempt to manipulated gold price

 indirectly, similarly as the Rothschilds do through 

Barclays Bank. 
Bundesbank, on the other hand, is much more

 permeated by the Light forces and they are one of 

main triggers to reveal the fact that the Federal

 reserve does not have any gold left:
As I said many times before, the vast majority of

 Cabal's gold reserves was removed from the surface

 of this planet by the Resistance in early 2012. When

 masses begin to realize that there is no gold left, this

 will accelerate the collapse of the current system and

 speed up the Reset. 
Behind the scenes, the majority of the Cabal has

 accepted the Jesuit plan for their own version of the

 financial Reset (with them behind the wheel) and are

 starting to promote it through the mass media:
This is the main focus of their meeting in Davos.

 Needless to say, their plans will not be successful.

As the midlevel Cabal management purge in China

 continues, many Cabal minions are fleeing that 

We are approaching the moment of breakthrough, as

 you can clearly see in this animation:
Things will begin to accelerate in February and

 especially in March and the information war between

 the Light and the dark will reach its peak. There will 

be a lot of crucial intel released on the internet, mixed

 with tons of disinfo. Therefore honing your

 discernment skills will be of utmost importance. This

 is easily done by combining your rational mind with

 intuition. Most of all, you need to think with your own 

head and feel with your own heart.
This website gives a clear example of how a disinfo

 operation works:
But again, intel on that same website is nowhere near

 100% correct, so you need to use discernment there

 as well. It is important not to fall into the trap of

 polarization, seeing one source of intel as completely

 true (light) and another one completely false (dark)

. The truth is usually somewhere in between and you

 need to separate the wheat from the chaff. 
One of the main blocks to discernment are Invisibles

, archontic parasites that have infested the etheric

 brain of almost every living individual on this planet

. They live in parasitic symbiosis with etheric brain glia

 cells and create synaptic disconnections between

 etheric brain meridians which influence the DNA

 replication in their physical counterparts - physical

 brain synapses. This creates mental confusion

, thought processes distortion and belief systems

 fixation. When those parasites are removed by the

 Light forces, humanity will receive an enormous boost

 of intelligence and creativity and a great expansion of


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