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Greetings Love Beings, Happy Intense and Volatile Full Moon Energies. We Say Volatile as Alot of Clearing Is taking Place as We prepare for Many Events and a Huge Release of Energy at the End of July with the Beginning of the Activation Energies for the First Light City to come On Line. This will Be a Process but indeed these energies are going to Be ignited! You can Join us Live today As We discuss the Bigger Picture and what is Really Happening On Planet Earth=Heart Beginning at 10:30am Pacific at this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress

Topics of Discussion:
Full Moon Energies, How are You Feeling? Intense? Volatile?
Huge Cleansing Underway as we prepare for Huge Incoming Energies
The First Light City what is this?
Light Body Upgrade
Blue Star Star Craft Report
Upcoming Alignments, Lions Gate, Day out of time, New Planetary Cycle and their Importance
No support for the denser energies what will occur as a result The Givers and The Takers
Fulfilling Your Mission
Earth Allies are Preparing to complete a Mission~ What we will accomplish
Latest Energy and Event Update Divine Intervention Activated, The Light and Truth is Going Viral
Cobra's Latest and his mission
Earth Changes~ earthquakes and Spiritual earthquakes~ Sun
Tiny Chat Team
and So Much More! We will See You there! Everyone is Invited!
Love The Earth Allies

♥We Are A Whole One♥

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