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June – July 2013

As we near the massive August 8th Vibrational Shift, the focus needs to be on becoming prepared to survive the Shift and benefit from the Tidal Way of Source Power that it brings that can carry you to higher levels of Spiritual Integration. It also needs to be on how to help the masses to survive.  Ultimately, even if you survive and they do not, their cumulative Spiritual Death energy will create such a Fragmenting Field of Energy that your Suit may not survive.

New Next Step Video

I have just completed another Next Step Video entitled: The Source News Report on Preparations for the Most Massive Vibrational Shift in the History of the Creation, Occurring on August 8, 2013 which will give you the latest information on the Shift and the preparations for it.

The Vibrational Shift Resource Station

I have also set up The Vibrational Shift Resource Station where you can go to access information on the Source Support provided to help you prepare for the Shifts.

The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit

The Total Abundance Movement

The Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit

A Heaven Experience Intensive

July 16 – August 8, 2013

In this Summit, I am calling all of the Heaven Agents together from the Universal Heaven Agent Network to prepare themselves and all others throughout the Universal Community for the drastic shift in Spiritual Vibration that will occur on August 8th.  

The dates of July 16th - August 8th coincide with a Peak Period in the Personal Power Surge  running from May  10th – August 8th to support the work of all beings seeking to prepare for the Shifts. 
The Peak Period is additional power that is given for the work of The Universal Heaven Agent Network to spearhead an initiative to help prevent the loss of life during the Vibrational Shifts.

During this period Heaven Agents are encouraged to work with me in the Seattle Ultimate Spiritual Healing for parts of this period of time and also to join in the Heaven Experience Webinars that will be scheduled as we get closer to the event.

To understand the nature of the work, I will give you a brief Source Report on the situation we are to address.

The Source Report

During the first three Vibrational Shifts in 2012, we lost 21% of the population in the Creation who were too Spiritually Fragmented to retain their spiritual lives. Their Souls unlinked from their Suits and only a small percentage of them have been able to relink to their Suits since the time of the Shifts.  This is 21% of our human population that have Suits without a resident Soul Identity onboard the Suit.  This is a dangerous situation for the Suits that can be more easily countermanded by the Negativity. The amount of Spiritual Death Energy released has also created dangerous levels of energy toxicity for everyone on the Earth.  I have worked to clear much of this but it remains a concern since toxic death energy accelerates Spiritual Fragmentation and endangers those who survived the Shifts.

The first three Shifts took us on a 1-10 Vibrational Scale from a Level 2 to a Level 3.  The Vibrational Shift of August 8th will take the Creation to a Level 6 Vibration and the smaller Shifts that will follow will take the Creation to a Level 7.5.  If a shift from a Level 2 to a Level 3 Vibration caused the loss of 21% of the population, the concern is for much heavier loss of lives in the upcoming Vibration, particularly the one on August 8th which is jump of 3 Levels.

The level of Spiritual Integration required to survive these Shifts can only be attained by those who have made a decision, at some basic level of their consciousness, to leave behind forever their Fragmented Way of Life and enter into an Integrated Way of Life.  When this decision is made, then the level of Spiritual Integration that they have mustered in their consciousness to come to this conclusion will enable them to survive the upcoming Vibrational Shifts.

To help beings prepare for this ultimate decision, I have prepared important educational materials that need to be sent out to the population on the Earth through the internet and which are now being broadcast on the Inner Plane to populations on the Earth, who have no access to them through the internet, and to populations throughout the Creation.

It is important that Heaven Agents come forward to support The Truth Campaign to help alert the population to the existence of these educational materials so they can prepare themselves for the Shifts.  When people can register Source Truths in their conscious minds, they will be better prepared to join in The Work of the Source to build a Love-Based Community on the Earth.

For many, the decision may be only barely articulated in their conscious minds and yet clear enough to them to result in their willingness to follow the lead of the Source to transition into an Integrated Way of Life.  This is how fundamental personal and social change occurred in the 13 Prototype Communities that I did not work with in person.  At some point they made the decision to live an Integrated Way of Life and from that point on began to follow the lead of the Source to transform their own personal lives and their communities.

I have also sent out the three Gifted Source Interventions that help people to make the decision.  These are The Integrated Way of Life InterventionThe Communion Intervention, and The Living the Love Intervention.  These interventions can be accessed through: Getting Equipped to Live an Integrated Life which is a part of the article: The Source Plan for Preparing for the Upcoming Vibrational Shifts.

I have worked with a Heaven Agent to meet two of the major objectives of The Global Miracle Link Campaign which were to land the Imported Life Medium which enables me to bring more Source Love into the planet and also to bring in enough Miracle Links to create the Second Layer Source Intelligence Network.  This Network is now supporting the work of The Universal Heaven Agent Network to lift Consciousness on the planet in preparation for the Shift.

While all of these steps have helped beings to prepare, we are still a long way from preventing the tragic loss of life on a massive scale during these Vibrational Shifts.

To prevent this loss of life, the Source has brought through the Spiritual Equipment and Training needed to Live The Heaven Experience. This is the primary equipment and training that enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to build an Integrated Way of Life.  There is now an upgraded version of this equipment that is available to Heaven Agents working outside the protected energy field of a Prototype Community.

Those who take the step of becoming equipped and trained will begin living an Integrated Way of Life at the level that is needed to not only survive the Vibrational Shifts but to help others throughout the Universal Community.
The Work of the Universal Heaven Agent Network Summit
Those who have equipped themselves with the Spiritual Equipment and Training needed to Live The Heaven Experience will be those best prepared to assist in the work of this Summit.  Because we need to have the maximum number of Heaven Agents fully equipped and trained and ready to maximize the power of the work during the Power Surge, it is important for all Heaven Agents to make it a priority to get equipped and trained prior to the time of this Summit and also to work actively in The Truth Campaign to bring in new Heaven Agents who can get equipped and trained to help as well.  The number of Heaven Agents participating is key to the success of our work.  

The Summit will focus on staging Heaven Happenings that assist beings throughout the Creation to make the decision to leave the Fragmented Way of Life and enter into the Integrated Way of Life that will alone enable them to survive the upcoming Vibrational Shifts.

The work of the Summit will occur through Heaven Happening Webinars with some Heaven Agents attending online and other the Heaven Agents coming in through the Universal Soul Talk Network from other parts of the Earth and the  Universal Community. You will find the Webinar schedule listed below.
Those Heaven Agents who can come to work with me in person during the Intensive in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center in Seattle will be best able to marshall the full range of power to effect the necessary Universal Changes that will save lives.  Through working with the power base of the Center and in the Perfected Spiritual Space that manifests there, Heaven Agents of all skill levels will be able to work at extraordinary levels to effect the changes that are needed.

Through individual work in consultations, Station Work, and through working with the Miracle Tool of the Center and all the Miracle Tools that are available in the Center, Heaven Agents will have an optimal working environment in which to progress not only in their own ability to Live The Heaven Experience but to help to others to see the possibility of a final release from The Hell Experience that is occurring in the world today.

Heaven Agents who wish to come to the Center in Seattle can coordinate with me regarding their times of arrival.  Attendance during the entire span of time of the Power Surge is not necessary. 

For those working with me in the Center, there will be plenty of individual consultation time and time in the Stations of the Center for those who attend in person to make progress on their own preparation for the Shifts as well as to contribute to the preparation of the Universal Community for the Shifts.  Small group work with other Heaven Agents attending during the same time frame can also be arranged.

For more information on the resource of an Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center you can read the article entitled: Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers.

The Correct Exchange for the training provided for those working with me in the Center in Seattle is determined on an individual basis.  You can email me to request information on what kind of work is in your Individual Plan and I can structure an Intensive that is in keeping with your Next Step on your Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  You can contact me through clicking on the link provided below.


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